Speak like your idols, become what you want: Elaine Eksvard at TEDxSSE


Elaine Eksvärd is known as one of Sweden’s top communication experts, but her journey there was challenging. Elaine discusses how certain people have doubted her talents through her career but she has used her words to prove herself, and explains how we can do the same to become the figures we strive to be.

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  1. she obviously has gender gap hang ups. all of the gender gap issues she speaks of died out more than 2 decades ago. sometimes people need to perpetuate victimhood to feel like they have something that places them in an identity group.

  2. Great suggestions:
    1. Find out who is Martin Luther King in Your world
    2. Don't be professional Robot. Be yourself (Personal leadership)
    3. COPIA: if you want people to listen, you should study those who are listened to. What are they doing. Do I speak the way I do. Study but do it your way.
    Speaking slowly usually is good as it is seen as more trustworthy!

    *Jab and knock-out as an experience

  3. I enjoyed your presentation. Your message, stories, and conclusion. Larry Wilson of Wilson Learning developed The Social Style Profile, he. Modeled it after David Merrill who started TRACOM CORP. THE MODEL IS BASED ON THE ASSERTIVENESS, RESPONSIVENESS AND VERSATILITY OF PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE. AN EXAMPLE WOULD BE AS FOLLOWS: YOU ARE SPEAKING TO A GROUP OF 100 PEOPLE, 25% will love your talk 25% don't care, that leaves 50% to work with if you want those individuals to buy into your idea…THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FUTUR!

  4. This is truly a beautiful presentation. I am so glad that you have shared your gift of communication with the world.

  5. I would expect more from a person who´s field of study is communication, the jokes were kind of poorly presented and her body language is confusing, maybe my expectations are too high, who knows.

  6. To me, you come across as a marketing professional robot lacking humility and sincerity, the hallmarks of what makes someone trustworthy. Cheap clap-traps and self -proclaimed greatness become irritating. I liked the concept of the jab, but I left this with a feeling that I have just watched someone who is saying : Hey world, watch, I'm here – and isn't this great. It's just too embarassing

  7. she's absolutely right. I've seen this myself the people who talk really slow are more reliable than the ones that speak so fast. and it's a great way to first see your self in others perspective when you try to inspire them or get their attention. thank you for the great talk.

  8. Great talk ,She's absolutely right, what astounded me is how she put what we feel into words and meanings. The information is highly disregarded although it's the essence of getting your ideas across to mass people.

  9. Is the audience deaf or maybe the just have special needs, they don´t understand any of the jokes…..

  10. Elaine Eksvärd is from Sweden, her mother tounge is swedish and therefore her speeches works best in our language. She also works mostly with swedish costumers and mindsets. The swedish version of Elaine is a strong, confident woman who says what she thinks no matter what and who really can make people listen to her for hours. She is simply God damn awesome. That's why she is in television all the time. That's why her books sells like a final sale at the sweet-store. That's why her blog is so popular. So please can you just respect this amazing human being?
    She makes me proud of being a swede.

    Elaine, du är bäst. En dag måste jag få tacka dig för all power som du fyllt mitt liv med. Kärlek//C

  11. I love this talk and she is great!!!  I think that she was giving many examples from her own experience.  Most of us, when we speak, talk about our own experiences because that is what we know.  In her case, she is a strong woman with many experiences to share; that is the only thing she did – she shared her experiences with us to learn from.  Brava to Elaine – She was very precise, articulate and clear in her speech. Her confidence is admirable. 

  12. its not enough time to see how brilliant Elaine is. i need more of her! it should have been 1 hour at least 😀

  13. Dexter Haven
    Just stop writing. Because your comments starts to get very anoying.
    Do you really thinks she's not good enough?
    Well, she's get to be on TED. Not you. That say more about you than her.
    You just that guy who writes comments.
    While she's is a very succsesfull business woman on her area.
    Have a nice say Mr Haven

  14. I do not share Dexter Havens opinion that the whole speech was self centered or "an opportunity to preen your self publicly". I think Elaine made several valid point on how to get across to people when you have a large audience in front of you. Of course people will register/judge you based on your gender, age and professionalism. To think otherwise is quite naive. To define what she is and how she uses that to get peoples attention is a great key for other people to implement for their own use. 

    Elaine's humor does however come across more clearly in Swedish but I still think that the message came across. She wasn't trying to be smug och "give her self self-praise" It was a goofy pause meant to recap the situation. 

    And for Dexter Haven, I think you need to cut the rude tone to get your "constructive criticism" out there. Or just take a chill pill, geeeze. 

  15. 13:02 "I think I did." It's not about you, gosh. You made this speech into an opportunity to  preen yourself publicly. Very off-putting. You dwell on your gender, age, and how you think you are good at rhetoric, etc. It is not really a lecture, but a chance to give yourself thinly veiled self-praise, as some sort of hero fighting the odds. It is creepy and narcissistic and self-obsessed. And you do not look that good, young, or speak so well. You have a slushy, irritating voice, actually. No gravitas. TEDx is really going downhill.

  16. 2:41 It's not about you!! Gosh! Your ego is ridiculously overinflated! And you don't even seem to realize it. Stick to your topic. No one cares how tall you were then nor how you felt about it. Do you know how conceited this makes you look? I'm tuning out now. You didn't win my attention. I don't care what a shameless ego-case like you says anymore… I thought you were supposed to be an expert at holding someone's attention too.

  17. 1:30 yeah, play the victim, as the woman. Poor soul, such a martyr to injustice. Wait for applause. Gag me with a spoon! Quit using your gender as the issue, looking for sympathy or advantage from it. The future? Ask why that guy has found women not trustworthy? What his experience was? That would have been interesting. We have had a female prime minister of England, a female CEO of Facebook now, females senators, and three S. Ct. Justices now. A consultant is nothing special. Get over it already; quit using gender as a ticket for sympathy, and that smarmy grin waiting for applause is so self-focused. Get to the point of your speech instead of taking bows because of your gender. It's creepy and immature.


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