[Solved] Windows Failed to Start A Recent Hardware or Software Change Might Be The Cause

May 11, 2020

How to fix Windows failed to start a recent hardware/software change might be the cause.
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In this tutorial, I demonstrate two possible ways to fix this Windows startup error that says windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software changes might be the cause, with the error code 0xc00000f or 0xc0000225. Just as the error message suggests, this could be caused by either a hardware or software change on your computer. On the hardware side, it could be that the disk with your Windows files or your operating system, for some reason is inaccessible to the boot manager. So maybe the disk got loose from the disk connector or in the worst-case scenario the disk is failing. On the software side, it could be that certain applications or malware have managed to change the path to your Windows boot media, and as such, the boot manager is unable to locate the boot files during startup. The first solution in this tutorial is for situations where this error is due to hardware changes while the second solution will address the possibility of a software change leading to this error. If you’re unsure what could be causing this error in your case, then I recommend that you start off with the first solution and if the error continues, then you can proceed with the second one.

1. This first solution is on the hardware side, so the first thing you want to do it to check that your C drive or the disk drive where you have your operating system, is properly attached to the connector on your computer. For that your need to physically open the hard drive bay, then check that the drive is properly attached. You can detach and reattach it firmly to ensure is in proper contact. Then go into your BIOS and check that the disk is added to your boot devices and that is properly positioned in the boot priority.

2. The second solution is for a situation where certain applications or malware changes the path variables on your boot manager, hence making it unable to locate your Windows boot files during startup. For this solution, I will be using the bootrec tool to try to locate any windows installations on all disks attached to your computer and then add them back to the boot list so the boot manager can locate them during startup.


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