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  1. You say the food is expensive by Vietnamese standards. Well it is expensive to me and just to stay there is beyond affordable. The first hotel I've seen that was on your site was the best. It had a chocolate room. Something to die for.

  2. Mai visto nei Resort di lusso che mettessero a disposizione della clientela moto d'acqua ( mare calmo } Sarebbe un tocco di classe.

  3. Nice hotel, but the breakfast mostly contained SE Asian style dishes! They should expand breakfast choices by making it appear more intercontinental and should serve some other items too, such as Indian tikka masala or puri, etc.

  4. I have been to this resort last year with my wife and son. It was so amazing experience. I felt like being an animal in a nature. Especially whenever I take a shower outside. I will never forget that starry night and shining stars and tides. Thank you for reminding me of a beautiful memory in my heart. -from South Korea

  5. The Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort is spectacular in every way from the breathtaking view of the ocean from the bay to the luxurious villa's along the Beach

  6. Without watching 'The Luxury Travel Expert' channel my day is not over, Too good resort vlog Sir, AWESOME

  7. а динозавры там есть? птеродактели всякие, мегалодоны и тп?

  8. great but somehow I feel very claustrophobic in these settings and probably will never be able to enjoy, raw nature is always best, this is very artificial

  9. Exquisite, absolutely exquisite!!! My first time watching one of your videos and I felt like I was right there with you. I forgot where I was for a minute. Vietnam is on my bucket list. Thk you, thk you for this beauty!!!

  10. always while i am watching your clips i imagine i am beeing there maybe it will be reality one time 😢😭

  11. there is nothing critical in these videos which make them quite a bit suspect, everything is sooo nice and beautiful and "the best" and luxurious, when in fact you can read on tripadvisor some 3-star reviews that are very informative about this resort's shorcomings

  12. Are there any Beach Resorts one should avoid around the World because, Snakes and poisonous spiders or dangerous wild life on the beaches or surrounding properties.
    Thank You anyone for your replies.🌞


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