My Friend Built a Nightclub in Vietnam!!! Nha Trang club skylight


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  1. JOE! So glad you were able to come out to our little beach town paradise aka Nha Trang! You gotta make it out here again and set up a Joemalia event to inspire the youth of Vietnam. They'd absolutely love it! Once again, thanks for coming through! – Sincerely the "Tallest Vietnamese" in Vietnam 😉

  2. Good luck with the new club! Very hard to operate a successful club in VN. Expecting a lot of visits from the cops, make sure you have plenty of envelopes.👍

  3. Fuqqq it's been like 10 years since I went back home..everything looks so updated now I gotta visit sometimes.. 😩

  4. This brings back so much nostalgia haha I was actually here two years ago and did a vlog in that exact spot, we actually went on Halloween for day of the dead, definitely different vibe but still super fun! Glad to know now the owner of the spot is the tallest guy in Vietnam haha

  5. I'm in nha trang right now till February and it's amazing. I hope to visit this place wife my wife before I leave

  6. Joeee just wanna let you know before i die i just wanna say have fun in Vietnam and please visit indonesia and Singapore ayy bye

  7. That club looks awesome! Also, we got to see the beautiful lady in your blog again. She's really attractive!


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