Mac TextEdit FIX for “You Don’t Have Permission” to Open Document


Have you ever had this problem? You go to open a text file on your Mac and you get a message that says “You can’t open this document, you don’t have permission.” You check the settings and everything looks fine. But the damn file won’t open.

I was frustrated by this same problem and finally found the perfect fix – a solution that works.

I just had to find and delete the TextEdit.plist file.

Give this a try and let me know if it works for you.


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Mac TextEdit Permission Fix
You Don’t Have Permission Mac
TextEdit Save Error Message
Unable to save TextEdit files
could not be opened you dont have permission
you dont have permission to save the file

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you dont have permission to save in this location
textedit dont have permission to save
you dont have permission to save the file mac
you don t have permission to open application mac
the document untitled could not be saved
you dont have permission to open the application mac sierra


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  1. Ive only had my MacBook Air 1 month ! thank you . But as soon as I closed Textedit when you said too- it was fixed at that point . so weird!

  2. You only have to Force Quit and restart TextEdit to "solve" this but it's not a permanent solution, it comes back after a couple of days, arghhhhhh!


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