Idol Talk & React to BTS |Compilation|


Idol talk & react to BTS

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Seventeen Video :

GOT7 Video :

Wanna One Video :

Wanna One Park Jihoon :

BlackPink Video :

Twice Video :


exo reaction to bts
exo reaction to jungkook
got7 reaction to bts
wanna one reaction to bts
super junior reaction to bts
bigbang reaction to bts
blackpink reaction to bts
twice reaction to bts
monsta x reaction to bts
seventeen reaction to bts
exid reaction to bts
mamamoo reaction to bts
idols reacting to jin
idols reacting to jungkook
shinee reaction to bts
winner reaction to bts
ikon reaction to bts
aoa reaction to bts
apink reaction to bts
momoland reaction to bts
Blackpink react to BTS
Red velvet react to BTS
Twice react to BTS
Wanna One react to BTS
NCT react to BTS


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  1. as much as I am an army, interviewers shouldn't really ask about bts because the inteview should be about the group being interviewed. if these groups constantly get asked about bts, then they will eventually become irritated and respect will be lost.

  2. Ummmm why tf do they keep bringing up BTS in Seventeen's interveiw? Like ok maybe one question is fine but this continuous questions?! I'm an ARMY myself but found this really annoying and disrespectful to them.

  3. I love BTS but can these reporters stop bringing BTS to other groups interviews. Like it’s about them promoting their music not BTS. And stop always comparing them to each other like they will be successful on their own ways 😑

  4. 저기요 승리씨!! 거기서부터 인성이 참 마니 드러나네요 워너블은 아니지만 제가 다 짜증이 나네요

  5. Who's the one interview Seventeen? It's super rude you know. You keep asking about BTS. Whoever wrote your script should quit their job.


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