How to fix wireless capability is turned off – hp


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here i show how to fix wireless capability is turned off if driver is ok
this mostly issue in laptop.

Using the Windows troubleshooter right-click on networking tray icon troubleshoot detects the issue & correctly fixes it every time, but it takes a few minutes. I know what the resolution is & am wondering if there is a way to quickly enable wireless networking in Windows


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  1. Simple solution : You can download from any other working fine computer through this link then copy to USB and install.

  2. If there is any indian person talking giving you tech tips dont trust them, well except ordinary gamers hes an actually qualified S.E. channel

  3. This didn’t fix my problem. Now my laptop says “This copy of Windows is not genuine.”

    What happened?

  4. Just one little things, if I don't have Internet connection how to I can watch this video and fix this problem

  5. system formatt kar ne ke baad bhi mera wifi connect nahi ho raha tha but after view your video i do successfully this work ..thankxx brother

  6. When i try to install HP connection Manager it gives error
    “No WWAN device detected” exit installation
    Please help

  7. If you still have troubles or can’t find a switch one solution (windows 10) is to fire up trouble shooter for WiFi and it should turn your Wireless thing back on.


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