How to fix Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer…


For Windows 10: force your PC to restart 3 times, so automatic repair will kick in ( ), then allow it to do the repairs. After this, it should work.
For other Windows versions follow the video or the text below:
1. Restart Windows install
2. Delete the partition on which you want to install Windows (backup data first if you have important informations on it)
3. Create a new partition
4. Format the partition
5. Leave all Windows settings on default (you can change them in Windows later)
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  1. I followed all the steps to msoobe but after that my pc went to a blue screen showing just a moment. And it's there ever since. Can't do anything except force shut down and that leaves me to the same error message that Windows couldn't be installed properly. Help pls!!

  2. I follow ed the first solution.. Just now it is stuck on th 'setup Will continue after restart ing your pc' message…

  3. my compter can not restar a try it a lot plz help me and my keybdord dont want to tape the letters waths can i do plz

  4. Stupid google this is not what im freaking looking for. My problem is that everytime i try to boot onto a windows usb to install it shows me the startup but then it blackscreen and the setup fricking never shows.

  5. When i go to “Computer Management” >>> “System Tools” there is no “User” tab in my system tools therefor I cannot do the third method and no other ones worked, Any suggestions?

  6. I don't you are reading this or not but i must you are such a great just save my day man.this tutorial help me alot..i love you man.😄😄😄😄


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