How to Fix and Prevent Nvidia Card Error Code 43 (Windows 10/8/7/Vista)


UPDATE: Error code 43 has returned to my PC. Very irritating. I’ve come to the conclusion that code 43 may not be solvable. I’ve been looking at a new PC and honestly you may want to as well. HOWEVER, do not give up hope, try this method and the ones below, hopefully they work for you. Also, check the comments before you comment as I may have already answered your question.


Nvidia Drivers Download:

One thing I HIGHLY recommend, is this virus protection software. It removed a virus for me that was causing the issue. Install the trail, it might help.

Do the trail, it might help.

Problems with fixing? Leave a comment!

Alternatively, something might have caused you to get a code 43, look around here and try graphics card fixes that don’t involve code 43, it might fix it:

Or, just search up “graphics card issues and how to fix them” and explore the results.

A final solution would be to bring your PC into a SMALL company or TRUSTED one. Large companies like Best Buy etc. often don’t fix your PC, so they can sell you a new one.

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/How to Fix and Prevent Nvidia Card Error Code 43 (Windows 10/8/7/Vista)
/How to Fix and Prevent Nvidia Card Error Code 43 (Windows 10/8/7/Vista)
/How to Fix and Prevent Nvidia Card Error Code 43 (Windows 10/8/7/Vista)


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  1. I don’t know if you are gonna read this, but if you do thank you so much. You also earned a sub, and got a like.

  2. Hi Joey ! I just tried to follow this and I still get yellow triangle box for my acer nitro 5 GTX 1050 laptop. i tried everything from registry cleaner and bios and yours. Not sure what else to do .

  3. Hi hope you well ive got a issue with my gpu geforce gtx 670 gigabyte error code 43. Ive been on wondows10 and downgraded to 8.1 still didnt work so went down to win7 ultimate hopefully this will work please help me im stuck even wrote new bios to the card it still working but cant take any driver i give it

  4. I can't play any games because all my games dropped FPS due to a PC crash two days ago. A messaging saying, "Your PC ran into a problem and need to restart." After the restart, I relogged in and all my games got slower. I watched tutorials and tried to fix the issue, but it didn't work out. Also, there is an error on my graphics card. I was keep failing updating the latest driver. I uninstalled the nvidia and then reinstall exact way this video or other videos or forum suggested. And my issue still didnt get resolved. This is really frustrating. IDK what to do. I can't afford to buy a new PC or get it fixed by a local tech either. I'm stuck very badly in this situation. Hopefully, future windows update and driver update fix this issue. Windows 10 really causing so much trouble to so many people.

  5. Before you do any of this, CHECK YOUR CONNECTIONS. Even if you swore you had it all the way plugged in. I literally just barely pushed on my 6 pin connection and it immediately worked. Most of the time this is the issue!!

  6. 2020 and this actually worked for me lol . . surprised tbh because i never got any of the tech vids to ever work but this one . . anyways thanks dude


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