Fix "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk has an MBR partition table" error


This error: “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. the selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI system, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks” is common when installing Windows 10 on a PC or Mac. Hence, you need to take an extra step to fix it.

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  2. When we select disk 0… So the data of disk 0 is deleted or the whole data of pc is delete… Plzz replyy… Very urgent

  3. Wow very informative. Gets you where you need to be, and doesn’t bullshit you. Koodos and thank you very much.

  4. Thank you so much for this video. You just saved my day. I was stuck with this problem after changing my motherboard.

  5. Hello, if formatted C drive but I dobt want to loose data. How can I transfer before installing the window. I'll format my drive once I transfer my data. But I don't know how can I transfer without removing hard-drive because I've to open whole laptop for this purpose.

  6. So I would have to erase my Mac OS installation as well to be able to install windows? If that's the case I'll pass.

  7. Thank you, you are a god and I bow to you. This problem was a headache, thanks for the video and thanks for doing it.

  8. Dude…….thank you so much!! I almost thought this didn't work because the error message was still there after following the procedure. REMEMBER TO REFRESH!!!

  9. It's insane how all of these "tech sites" manage to write articles that are hundreds of words long while accomplishing nothing and frustrating people. Meanwhile, this man managed to teach me how to fix this issue in my computer in literally two minutes.

    Thank you.

  10. man you have given very difficult solution: i deleted all the partitions and created once again and it solved the issue, just in case you have data inside the disk then you need to choose this approach.


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