Fix : Printer not accepting print command


If you ever have problem with your printer is not printing , i this tutorial i will show you how you can fix that problem in a simple way

Option 1,
1:- Unplug your printer (If direct connected by USB cable).
2:- Go to start menu.
3:- Go to Run command.
4:- Type “Services.Msc’ And Press Enter
5:- in the services Right click print spooler service and stop it
6:- Plug your printer and Start that Service.

Option 2,

1:- Click on c:WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS.
2:- Delete All the file and folders inside this folder
3:- Restart your printer …. Test a Page.

Option 3.

1:- Go Reg edit HKEY_LOCAl_MACHINESYSTEMSCurrentControlSetControlPrintPrinters
2:- Delete the printer in this Subkey
3:- Reinstall the printer…
4:- Test A page …


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  1. GOOD WORK/info & thanks YOU FOR FIXING MY ISSUE , but still if you have any confusion to fix printer issues in windows ,

    you can call PRINTER SUPPORT TEAM easily on (1800)358-2146)) USA / Canada.

  2. Wesy laanat hy ap per.
    Kam to serf first setup hi tha.
    Baki time west kerty rahy.
    Video lambi kerby k leay

  3. Waah bhai bohot acchha laga aapka video aap bohot aage jaiye mere subs k liye pls mere channel pe ek comment kar do…😍😍😍


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