Fix could not find the recovery environment windows 10


Fix could not find the recovery environment windows 10

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If you are trying to reset your computer, but having trouble running the recover option and getting a error Can’t reset Windows 10; Could not find Recovery Environment.” then this video is for you. You might want to know how to make a recovery drive, I will show you in video, this is usful if you can get Windows Recovery Environment to work and you will need this to fix Windows Recovery Environment

Recovery options in Windows 10

How to: Create a Recovery Drive for reinstalling Windows 10

Your PC does not have a Windows Recovery Environment (WRE) to reset the PC

First try and enable it with this command. reagentc /enable

How do I create a recovery environment in Windows 10
full step by step guide in video on how to Fix Windows 10 Recovery Environment missing

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    T H A N K Y O U F O R W A T C H I N G !

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  2. Man, this works, I swear it worked for me,😍, finally a good useful video, thank u soo muchh, god bless u, love from india ❤

  3. Hi guys, I was able to fix the problem by doing this.

    Go to the windows search bar at the bottom left corner of your screen and type "cmd" then run it as administrator.

    Then you wanna type "reagentc /enable" if the operation is successful, you are good to go. However, for some people it won't be successful.

    Your next step would be to type "reagentc /repair" your screen might freeze for few seconds or mins but don't worry it is repairing.

    Lastly, type "reagentc /enable" and if the operation is successful, you are good to go. Hopefully this helps.

  4. It says disabled but, I can't seem to enable it because it says "REAGENTC.EXE: The Windows RE image was not found."

  5. Worked great!
    And if you get the message "unable to update boot configuration data" just try it again. That worked for me.

    Also guys if that command says some error try writing the command again. I had to try 4 times


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