FIX AMD Radeon Code 43 Error Reflash GPU BIOS


Are You Trying To FIX AMD Radeon GPU Code 43 Error?

Maybe you have a corrupted BIOS?

This video is to see how easy it can be to reflash or Restore your AMD Radeon GPU BIOS.

Try this first!

If that doesn’t work use these links!

Error code 43
Radeon BIOS flash
fix gpu error 43
flashing amd graphics card
how to fix amd radeon graphics error 43

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  1. Try this first!

    If that doesn't work use these links!

  2. Hi Mike! I have the Code 43 error after trying to update my graphics driver. I tried to find the correct BIOS for my card but it doesn't seem to be available on Techpowerup. I have an AMD Radeon HD 8610G card on a five year old HP laptop. Filling out the info on the website I should have been able to choose:
    GPU Brand: AMD
    Card Vendor: HP
    Card Model: HD 8610G
    …but that model isn't available. Any ideas on what BIOS I should download instead?

  3. Hey Mike i have just been trying to resolve the code 43 in my laptop but cant find the compatible BIOS for the AMD Radeon R8M445 DX

  4. Hello mike would you help me, I've already flashed the bios and has successfully confirmation, but after i reboot my pc i wont boot up.. how to do now?

  5. OMG why did it take so long to find this fricken video!!!!!! It solved all of my problems (not in life, but on my computer)!!!!

  6. Xfx rx 560 4gb and have code 43. Will not let me install drivers. Any idea. Sorry to bug you haven't ran into thing before

  7. My card is not on the website what should I do? I have this one


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