Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC – Opening Cutscene and Gameplay


Here is gameplay from the beginning of Far Cry 5’s first DLC expansion.

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  1. Giọng mấy thằng lồng tiếng game như shit. Chắc toàn mấy đứa quên tiếng mẹ đẻ lồng. Nghe ngứa dái.

  2. Mày xỉ nhục đặc công việt nam mày nên nhớ nhân dân việt nam việt nam không đánh như vậy

  3. Although the liberation army in VietNam has both North and South, but this voiceover is FUCKING LIKE SHIT ! 🙁 If you want to make a game about Vietnam, let the Vietnamese people really voice it!

  4. Is soo weird when I from south vietnam and hear north vietnam guy dude said soo different and they sound like they don’t ever care about the story mode XD

  5. I really do love the storyline, a big plot hole though is they’d killed any aircrew man on sight as all pilots,door gunners, & crew chiefs had a bounty on their head. With a 20k bounty on their head most NVA regulars would kill them rather than interrogate them. My source: My degree from reddit university.

  6. If you play as an soldier for Vietnam, the game would be sooooo much more amazing and crazy, a whole roller coaster of emotions and pain

  7. Pretty much everyone in the comments supports Vietnam during the war and has completely broken English. Amazing.

  8. pure American Propaganda I wish I can play as a Vietcong and kill Americans SO THEY CAN PAY FOR WHAT THEY'VE DONE FOR CREATING ISIS!!!!!!!

  9. đi đăng ký bro 1M. video chơi game của bạn tôi thích nó 😍 Tôi cũng là YouTubers nhưng thấp hơn bạn 😞 đôi khi mọi người đến với Chanel của tôi. May mắn làm hết sức mình

  10. Slicks would never touch down 2 at a time in the LZ. Being on the ground is the most vulnerable time for the Huey. They would get in a pattern and provide fire for the ship in front during landing and dismount.

  11. 11:28 He Say : Nếu Tôi Có Thể Ngủ Được , Tôi Sẽ Rất Sung Sướng

    – If I Can Sleep , I Will Very Happy


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